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Essay In the poem, “Richard Cory”, Robinson describes the character, Richard Cory, as being wealthy, generous, handsome, and courteous. Regardless of his social status, Richard Cory, greets the townspeople, who thought that he was perfect. At the end of the poem, Robinson surprise the reader by stating that Richard Cory had shot and killed himself. The people of the town were blind to see that Richard Cory was unhappy. Richard Cory was generous and kind …

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…bread. Richard Cory would have gave anything to have what the townspeople had and that was a friend. The reason why Richard Cory went home and shot himself is because that he had no one to enjoy his wealth and life with him. While the townspeople were sitting around together at their dinner tables without meat, and coursing their bread, Richard Cory sat around his dinner table with his meat but very lonely, and sad.