Question--Discuss in brief the logic behind the various peace plans offered to resolve the conflict in the Balkans from July 1991 to the Dayton Peace Accord in 1995.

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As the troubles in the Yugoslavia began to spill into Bosnia-Herzegovina and engulf the Balkans, the outside world, the 'civilized' world sat on its haunches waiting for the troubles to end themselves, no one wanting to commit themselves or their nations to help stop the atrocities there. That is, until 1991. However, the first drafts of "peace plans" still stumbled over the issue of European Union, America, United Nations and Eastern European lack of commitment and …

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…reigned in the Balkans--or rather, a peace-by-force, as the world still deploys troops there to enforce the principals outlined by the Dayton Accords. "Diplomacy not backed by force is tantamount to hollow gesturing. It is the punch of power that lends conviction to the suasion of diplomats. Where it is lacking, the well-meaning are left to the mercy of the reckless, and brute force rather than reason sustained by might determines the outcome of conflict." (7)