Quebec nationalism

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A minority in Canada and North America, French Canadians have always feared integration. The perspective and the fear manifest itself in a view of Canadian history that is distinctly different from that of English Canadians. Francophones inside Quebec are a nation within Canada. They speak a different language and as a result, perceive the world differently from Anglophones and have always felt their culture is in danger of disappearing. There are three distinct forms of …

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…to the issue of recognizing Quebec's status as a self-governing political community, as a society distinct by its language, culture and institutions has all the attributes of a distinct national community dissatisfied with the terms of its inclusion in a prosperous and modern federation. These problems to conciliate nationalism and democracy, political autonomy and economic interdependence, liberalism and social pluralism confront Quebecers everyday, which may explain why they are so hesitant about their political future.