Quebec Sovereignty

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In past centuries, many countries have had political problems within themselves.Some took care of the problem but most of them didn't and there for either made changes in their constitution, separated the country like Russia, formally known as U.S.S.R, and there is also those who are still dealing with the problem like Canada. Canada has had for many years its share of political problems with Quebec who wants either more political …

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…separatists would that a winning referendum would not automatically mean a sovereign Quebec, Ottawa would certainly bring the case to court and wouldn't let Quebec get out of their hands easily. Bibliography: André Bernard, Problèmes Politiques Canada Et Quebec( P.160 - 167 ) Frank Scott and Michael Oliver, Quebec States Her Case( p.1 - 10 ) Daniel Drache and Roberto Perin, Negotiating With A Sovereign Quebec ( P. 125 - 130, 156 - 170 and 173 - 190) Boucher, Marc T. , A Quebec Perspective( Document )