Quantitative Vs. Qualitative

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Qualitative Vs. Quantitative In class, we have covered two main approaches in studying communications. One was the Qualitative method, which undertook various measures in qualitative data; that is to say, words and not numbers. The other method was the Quantitative method, which favors numerical data as superior. Some researchers prefer to choose a method, and practice that method for the rest of their careers. Others like to switch between methods, or even combine methods and …

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…further experiments. There is very little room for error in facilitating the quantitative method; that is why I prefer it to the qualitative. Everything is precise and calculations can be checked and double checked. With the qualitative area, there is a much wider possibility for human error because it depends on personal measurement, not numerical. It is fairly easy to follow the quantitative method, and its goals are also straightforward; to explain, predict, and control.