Puerto Rico's Government and Economy

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Until the 1940ís, Puerto Ricoís economy paled in comparison to that of its neighbors in the continental United States. Despite the fact that it was a commonwealth of the US, Puerto Rico received very little in the way of economic attention from the government in Washington DC. In the 1940ís, newly elected governor, Luis Muñoz Marin, started a program called Operation Bootstrap. The purpose of this program was to build up the economy …

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…populace. Each mayor appoints a treasurer and an auditor. Despite the restrictions on presidential voting, Puerto Ricans are represented by a nonvoting delegate to congress. There are 3 major parties in Puerto Rico. The Popular Democratic Party supports the commonwealth. The New Progressive Party supports statehood and the Puerto Rico Independence Party favors independence. In a 1993 poll of residents of the Island, no majority won out. 48% favor the current commonwealth status. 46% favor statehood and 4% want independence.