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A Character Analysis of Tom Driscoll In Pudd地head Wilson by Mark Twain, the story of two boys, who were switched at early childhood, is told. One of these boys, Tom Driscoll, displays many characteristics in the novel. Tom shows how he is rude and a liar, but he also exhibits his ability to change his ways. From his childhood to his later years, it was evident that Tom Driscoll was a rude character. For …

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…from his will. Tom Driscoll stated 套 I値l never touch another card again. Anyway, I won稚 while he [his uncle] lives, I make an oath to that. (75). Tom Driscoll lived a life of sin, from lying to stealing. However, one can see that he is able to change, but it takes quite an incentive or something so strong as to 努ake up a sort of echo in his conscience in order to do so (45).