Public Healthcare Reform in Hong Kong.

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Contents: 1Introduction 2Executive Summary 3Recent Reforms 3.1Overview of Healthcare System 3.2Reasons of Reforms 3.3Recent Reforms 4Impacts of Healthcare Reforms 5Conclusion References Appendices 1 Introduction As a major endeavour at implementing administrative change, Public sector reform impacts on both the organisational structure of the public sector as well as the operational principles and philosophy of public sector managers and workers. In Hong Kong, public sector reforms have been initiated within a significant period of transition in which …

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…By-census Hong Kong Population Net Increase Average Annual Growth Rate (%) 1991 5 674 114(1) 178 626 0.6 1996 6 412 937(2) 543 442(3) 1.8(3) 2001 6 708 389(2) 295 452(2) 0.9(2) Notes: (1)The figure includes 151 833 residents temporarily away from Hong Kong at the time of the 1991 Population Census conducted in March 1991. (2)The figures are compiled based on Hong Kong Resident Population. (3)The figures refer to residents present in Hong Kong at the census/by-census moment, including those who were temporarily away from Hong Kong. The population figure compiled on this basis at the 1996 Population By-census was 6 217 556.