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What You See Is What You've Learned Sensation and perception, two related fields of study in psychology. Sensation is the power to receive information from your surroundings through your senses. Perceptual con- stancies is the ability to filter and organize all the information taken in by our senses. Shape constancy gives us the ability to realize the shape of an object does not change when the angle of vision changes. Size constancy is the realization …

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…of research we get a better understanding of figure-ground relationships. How our perceptual skills adapt to our environmental survival potential. Certain perceptual skills may be necessary for our survival. Reaction to depth per- ception and size constancy. Therefore, our perceptual abilities are learned rather than instinct. Although the abilities are with us from birth, we have to be tought how to translate perceptual information.This type of research will be pursued on into the future.