Proving points against the death penalty, 25 sources used.

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Capital Punishment is the lawful taking of a person's life after a conviction of crime. It has caused much controversy and has raised difficult legal and ethical issues. Debates about it continue to wage in both courts and political arenas. There is evidence that the death sentence is put to disproportionately use to be carried out on the poor, Negro, members of unpopular groups of society. The Death penalty should be made against the law …

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…ignorant (Rein 67). Capital punishment in this country has not been shown to deter crime. It has been discriminatorily inflicted on three groups of people: the less privileged of society, blacks, and men. It has not been proven a more effective protection to society than confinement in prison. These are my reasons why the death penalty should be against the law and life imprisonment should supplant the death penalty, because it holds prospect for future rehabilitation.