Prospero's Role in The Tempest

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Prospero’s epilogue at the conclusion of The Tempest provides interesting parallels to its author’s life. Written near the end of his career, numerous scholars suggest that it is Shakespeare’s written farewell. Just as Shakespeare sculpts a world from nothing, Prospero authors the events on the island. Prospero’s monologue flows naturally with they story and provides a natural ending to the work. He describes the loss of his magical power at the …

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…how closely they are intertwined. This is evidenced through the puns found throughout the epilogue. Such as the before mentioned “faint” and “please”. Just as Shakespeare creates different worlds in each of his plays and dictates the actions within them. So does Prospero on his island where he has control of the outcome of the occurrences. Shakespeare’s magic is in the world he creates. He is the magician and the stories are his tricks.