Pros and cons of improving humans by genetic engineering.

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Human genetic engineering has been widely debated over the years. Many believe it should be banned while others think we should advance with our research. There are many different types of human genetic engineering. Three of which are the hottest topics right now. They include somatic engineering, germline engineering, and cloning (What is germline DNA?, 2003). Genetic engineering is basically altering the gene (What is germline DNA?, 2003). Somatic engineering can result in a change of eye …

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…not right that the parent is making important decisions and the child has no say in it. Finally, I think that somatic genetic engineering is acceptable. All it is doing is altering your physical appearance. Also, the person having it done gets to decide whether or not they want the procedure. Besides, we all ready have plastic surgery and contacts that change your appearance. So, I say, why not have somatic engineering as another option?