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Proposition 25 Prop 25 is a proposition which was put on the ballot by petition signatures Prop 25 provides for public financing of candidate and ballot measure campaign costs, the disclosure of top contributors and fund raising time restrictions. Results of this would be that it establishes contributions, sets spending limits, and it bans corporate contributions. The fiscal impact of Prop 25 is that this proposition would cost the state more than $55 million each year, and the cost for …

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…in place. If a ‘no’ vote passes on this measure, state law governing political campaigns would remain unchanged. Personally, I would vote ‘no’ on Prop 25 because Prop 25 is an unnecessary and unfair proposition that has been brought unto the ballot. Candidates who feel strongly enough about running for office should be willing to pay the costs which follow with campaigning for the office, not turning the incredible costs of running a campaign to the public.