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"Of the twentieth century’s many attempts to improve society, prohibition is our nations most notorious failure." (Taggert, Edward 1) In fact, prohibition proved to be little more than a mere innconveiniance to people who drank.(Clark, Norman 3) Prohibition of alcohol caused more problems than it cured. The interdiction of alcohol use caused criminal activty, created dangerous products, and instituted a universal disrespect for the law. Prohibition transformed average alcohol consuming people into criminals. It also …

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…forever for rent."(Cayton 466) It is ironic that prohibition, created to stomp out crime and other social deviation, actually created more of this than any of the drys would have ever dreamed. The drys also never foresaw the deaths due to dangerous products. One of the most disturbing aspects of prohibition was the uniformity in disregard for a constitutional amendment. The lessons of prohibition should be used to curb the current urge to ban alcohol.