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As under a spell, the people had suffered this act to be brought to its fatal conclusion, but with the first touch of cold reality the charm was undone, and the law appeared in its true aspect. Brought about by the Eighteenth Amendment and enforced through the Volstead Act, lasted for over a decade. Despite a growing lack of public support for both Prohibition and restraint itself, the ban on alcohol continued throughout the United …

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…dealing with Prohibition as an issue with the onset of the Great Depression, anti-Prohibition forces grew in influence and support. Legislation which had directly opposed the will of the people had been created and maintained (Kyvig 138). Yet prohibition’s effort to “reduce consumption of a good in order indirectly to reduce social ills... and to promote social goals” had proved a failure—an unenforceable measure (Thornton, Economics 4). “By the 1930’s... Americans had had enough” (Cooper).