Profile of Randle McMurphy from "Cuckoo's Nest"

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Randle P. McMurphy: Profile <Tab/> <Tab/>Red-headed, with long red side-burns, and uncut hair, Randle P. McMurphy is a vicious and extremely dangerous man. He is tall, broad-shouldered and broad-jawed. Strong and sturdy, he has a broad, wide, devilish grin, and a seam runs across his nose and one cheekbone, which indicates the belligerent behaviour of this aggressive young man, of about 30 years. A person of Irish …

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…He looks for no one else's but his own gains, which is to bring chaos and uprising in the ward, so he can eventually guarantee his escape. McMurphy has no psychotic behaviour at all. He takes the treatments and therapy sessions offered at the ward as complete jokes, and has brainwashed the other patients into thinking likewise. McMurphy is interfering with the other patients' treatments, and hence should be detained IMMEDIATELY. DR TANYA ASHREENA, PHD.