Production Techniques from "Gattaca" and Their Importance

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Production Techniques from Gattaca and Their Importance In the movie "Gattaca", the director uses lots of production techniques to prove his point and ideas about a futuristic world where they "have discrimination down to a science". In the movie are used lots of color filters. The most important images are shot through a range of yellow, green and blue filters as if the camera were filtering out any imperfections. Gattaca has a special yellowish-orange glow …

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…voice over narration of Vincent keeps alienating the viewers as they are told what happened rather than experiencing emotions and events for themselves. There is also a very narrow range of body types which also reinforces the sense of cold perfection. By using lots of production techniques, the movie director condemn the inhuman assumptions of a obsessively soulless society that defines people by their genetic make-up, and makes them "suffer under the burden of perfection".