Procter and Gamble- Intoduction of new a shampoo on the European market

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Procter and Gamble in Europe Introduction Procter and Gamble (henceforth to be called P&G) is an international supplier of consumer goods it is a "global leader in health and beauty care products, detergents, diapers and food" . P&G's presence in the hair care market in the U.S has been strengthened by innovative technology BC-18 and the replacement of an old brand 'Pert' with 'Pert Plus'- a mild shampoo with a fully …

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…ml bottle will be 5.99 DM, P&G can calculate the price as follows: Shelf price5.99 DM / 250ml Manufacturer's list price will be 64% of the shelf price (4.50/6.99) in Great Britain Manufacturer's list price3.83 DM / bottle Manufacturer's list price47,87 DM / SU Discount in GB is 10% (5.60/56.25) Manufacturer's net price43.08 DM / SU This leads us to an average price of (43.08 DM + 36 DM) / 2 = 39.54 DM for the first year in Germany and Great Britain used in the expected sales exhibit.