Problems of Aral Sea

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Still recently in 1961 the area of the Aral Sea which has arisen in Turanian lowland 35 thousand years ago, exceeded 66 thousand sq. km. It was considered as one of the biggest lakes in the world. In school textbooks these data are still given in present time, no less than on geographical maps Aral is depicted as the enormous blue mirror on the Earth. Superfluous confirmation of one of the main features of the twentieth century - …

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…and destructions of Aral Sea. Now it is necessary to save nature, to save the irrigated agriculture, culture and people. It is not thus far yet late; it is possible to revive life in the region with the pure water in the rivers, with fertile irrigated ground in oases, to revive Aral Sea itself. It is necessary to change radically the attitude to natural resources, to nature and to man - part of this nature.