Private Pension Plan

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Private Pension System The Current Social Security system should be replaced by a mandatory Private Pension plan. There are different types of investment plans one could choose before or even after they retire. Social Security is what everyone depends on once they retire at 65. Some people may even need to work beyond the age of 65 due to the lack of money they receive from Social Security. With a Pension plan you are insured to receive …

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…feel that if the young people can start saving for their future now, it will be a better future for everybody! C.Smith 4 Works Cited Page “Social Security Administration.” 25 November 2000(updated) October 2000) 1pg. “Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration.” 20 November 2000(updated) October 2000) 4pgs. “Pension Benefits Guaranty Corporation.” 28 November 2000(updated) Nov. 2000) 1pg.