Prime Minister & Cabinet.

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PRIME MINISTER & CABINET Questions: 1)What is collective ministerial responsibility?(5) 2)Outline the role of the cabinet.(10) 3)What factors influence the prime ministers appointment of ministers?(15) 4)How powerful is the prime minister?(20) Answers: 1)The term simply refers to the notion of more than a single individual making decisions, and thus being held to account for them solely. The fact that it is ministerial responsibility means that it is in fact the cabinet ministers collectively making choices. …

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…questioners of it for example Mr. Guevara, previously mentioned. I believe that the question is not how much power does the Prime Minister have? But it should be does the Prime Minister have too much power? The fact remains, as much as people question the amount of power the Prime Minister has, as much as people question the ethics, morality, economics, and democracy of how much power the Prime Minister has, he still has it.