"Pride and Prejudice" by Austen and "Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit" by Winterson.

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The mother characters in both Pride and Prejudice and Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit play crucial roles in the forming of the plot of the novels. Both Mrs Bennet and "Louie" try to shape their offspring into what they consider to be model daughters, capable of fulfilling the expectations of their immediate society; and both mothers oppose their daughters' heroic feminism. There are of course differences in the two novels as well, the most …

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…try to force Jeanette to accept either her homosexuality of her church refusing to allow her to do both declaring lesbianism the devil's work. Bibliography 1. Austen J. Pride and Prejudice, (Oxford World's Paperback: 1998) Primary Source 2. Pascoe P. York Notes Advanced Pride and Prejudice, (York Press fourth impression: 2000) Secondary Source 3. Winterson J. Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit, (Vintage: 2001) Primary Source 4. Simpson K. York Notes Advanced Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit, (York Press: 2001) Primary Source