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Pride and Prejudice: Is it possible? The novel “Pride and Prejudice,” written by Jane Austen during the nineteenth century, describes the trials and tribulations of five sisters of marrying age. The story is based in England around the turn of the century, and upon careful review, we find that many of the events do not reflect the time period. The relationship between Elizabeth and Darcy, and the Lydia-Wickham affair, are not realistic. Despite the fact …

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…is missing? The Lydia-Wickham affair is completely unbelievable, and it is discussed to lightly to be realistic. The family’s reaction is not one that would normally be expected. As unrealistic as the book seems, it may be that The Victorian Era in which the book was set, is so different than the world today, that short of becoming a historian, there is no way that I could fully understand the characters and their motives.