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Question 1: Pride and Prejudice Chapter 19 concerns Mr Collins's proposal to Elizabeth. Read carefully the exchange between Elizabeth and Mr Collins beginning 'Believe me, my dear Miss Elizabeth' to 'not fail of being acceptable'. Discuss the passage in detail, commenting on its comic aspects, and what the chapter reveals about the characters and the social environment or world of the novel. At first glance Chapter 19 is just another cog in the story of Pride and Prejudice, …

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…for, but merely a highly accentuated reflection of everything in society that Elizabeth Bennet rejected. Mr Collins is a reflection of English high society, all it's puerile facets. The chapter in question also shows us the depth Elizabeth Bennet's constitution, she is not going to be pressured into a loveless marriage for the security of her family or for the pleasure of herm mother. Elizabeth's independence and moral strength shines through during Mr Collins' proposal.