Presidency in the 1880's

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In the history of the presidency of the Presidents of the United States, not one decade as had more presidents in office than in the years of 1880-1890. In this time span of 10 wonderful year 5 presidents have served as the leaders of our country. They have served as the ones who make the choices; the ones with all the power vested in to them. The one's who are elected for the people, by the people. …

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…also, "Kid Gloves Harrison" and "Little Ben". As you can see as I summed up the terms of these five wonderful presidents some lived a short life like James A. Garfield who was assassinated, while others continue to live a long life like Grover Cleveland. But no matter how I say it, from the years 1880-1890, 5 great men led our country down the path of life and helped us regain America, the country of freedom.