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The story ¡§A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings¡¨ is full of symbols that carry the real theme of the story. First, the appearance of the angel was old, with bad smell and parasite grown on the huge buzzard wings. The wings were dirty and half-plucked, and were forever entangled in the mud. The author made the appearance of the angel very unpleasant which makes a contradiction to our prejudice. We all think that angel …

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…Because they could ask questions to spider woman, unlike the angel where they did not have any communication. This shows the simple mind of town¡¦s people. The reason that the town¡¦s people treat the angel so bad because they were not familiar with the angel. As most of us are curious about the things we saw, the town¡¦s people lost interest on the angel since they could not know anything from him.