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A common question asked today is what causes prejudice? Prejudiced people cause much pain and social injustice throughout the world. In the poem “Prejudiced Man”, by William Debolt, the poet clearly describes a prejudiced man and his behavior. The poem reads, “Like a quarter moon/He looks in one direction/Among the shadows.” Although this poem is short it accurately describes a prejudiced man. The beginning line “Like a quarter moon” describes a prejudiced person …

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…of the novel, she only showed the negative side of her personality (“Like a quarter moon….”), throughout the majority of the story. As can be seen, Aunt Alexandra and Lula are two characters that relate to William Debolt’s poem “Prejudiced Man”. Both characters only show negative personality traits, and always believe that their views are correct. Because of characters like Lula and Aunt Alexandra, prejudice is unfortunately a large part of today’s society.