Precis of Capital Punishment

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The article 'Let's Get Real About Executions in America: Three Easy Steps' by James Carroll (1994, May 31) published in the Boston Globe is an opinionated editorial opposing the view of the death penalty.         Carroll begins his article with stating a TV news quiz he saw one evening. The quiz question quoted by Carroll was 'Which states still use hanging as method of execution?' (p.1) Carroll then answers the TV question by naming the two states …

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…offenders should be killed by 'a close-range bullet to the brain... or the heart' (p. 2) For the second part of his plan he wants the president and state governors carrying out the execution. Finally Carroll wants Americans to watch the executions via televised talk shows.          References Carroll, J. (31 May 1994). Let's get real about executions in America: Three easy steps. [web pages]. carroll.html, USA: Boston Globe. [3 Oct. 1996].