Pot smoking by teenagers.

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Pot smoking by teenagers is said to have doubled in a six-year period and the harm and dangers are said to be greater than widely reported, and greater than alcohol-related problems. Kids are smoking more powerful, dangerous marijuana; becoming addicted; going to high school stoned; short-term memory and learning ability are impaired, longer-term health and mental problems are unknown. From a presentation to the Senate Committee on Illegal drugs, Ottawa, October 16, 2000. Edited for publication. 1. According …

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…drunkenness, and we very much restrict how and where we use alcohol because it is intolerable for other members of society to be around intoxicated people under certain circumstances. It is a problem for all of society if teachers have to teach students who are stoned. That has an effect on whether anyone will even want to be a teacher. These are all components of drug policy and there is no point in avoiding them.