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In "Foreign Bodies", although Hwee Hwee Tan explores what has been done before the blend of East and West, themes both light and serious the treatment has her own signature, and the political satire existing side by side with the Christian preaching is unique. The main effect that emerges is that of humour through the contradictions within each component and against each other, in the motley selection. Especially engaging is the exposé on the cultural …

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…or artistically inspiring. Losing sucks." In conclusion, Tan combines elements of postmodernism to create a refreshing way of perceiving the world. Her mixing of different genres politics, social situation, culture, humour and irony and probing of the polemic binaries of the East and West, and the flippant and the solemn, distinguish her writing as her very own. Furthermore, the fluid and deliberate intertextuality of pastiche and allusion dissolves the distinctions between high and low culture.