Positive factors regarding Human Cloning.

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Human Cloning Human cloning refers to the production of genetically identical humans; however, the identical twin will only be identical through their DNA and would not have the same characteristics as the donor twin. I am an advocate of this medical research; people who are receptive should not ban the research by the mere mention of human cloning. It is unjust to deny every possibility of life and better life by overlooking the possible benefits …

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…systems, infertile couples could have children, doctors could be able to manufacture bone, fat, connective tissue, or cartilage that matches a patient's tissues exactly. It may be possible to ensure that we no longer suffer because of our defective genes, to clone livers for liver transplants to clone the bone marrow for children and adults suffering from leukemia, and there are much more possibilities rather than none that can provide doctors and patients with hope.