Position paper on a class assigned reading - Born to be Good? I wrote in favor of the prospect that people are, in general born to be good.

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Position Paper: Born to be Good? In her paper, Celia Kitzinger gave explanations to why people act the way they do to other people who may be in pain or other types of suffering. She gives examples of studies done that help to explain the reasons behind many of our actions. The way a young child will try to comfort another child who is crying or upset. The way people in general will do whatever …

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…is a very small thing you have done for someone just because you felt their need, but it may have helped them more then you will ever know. Works Cited Kitzinger, Celia "Born to be Good?" New Internationalist (1997): 15-17. Rpt. in Contemporary Business Issues with Readings. McGraw-Hill Primis Custom Publishing. New York, St. Louis, San Francisco, Auckland, Bogotá, Caracas, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Mexico, Milan, Montreal, New Delhi, Paris, San Juan, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto. 375-376.