Portals to Immortality, Greek Grave steles

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The portals to immortality, Greek Grave Steles To us who live in modern times the ‘melancholic look’ that we find in the sculpture of cemeteries throughout the world is something we take for granted. Although its authenticity has been lost to us, this so-called look can be traced back to 5th century Greek funerary sculpture. For us it is only natural to associate such a look with death. However, as the above verse elaborates, the …

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…from near the river Ilissos, Marble,340B.C. National Museum of Athens. Photo taken from: Bordmen, Greek Sculpture: The Late Classical Period. Pp125 Figure 1 Relief of warrior runner, Marble, Figure 2 Grave Stele by Alxnor of Naxos, Marble, 490-480BC. Figure 3 Grave Stele of a little girl, Marble 450-440 Figure 4, Grave Stele of Eupheros, Marble, 430- 420BC. Figure 5 Grave Stele of a girl with mirror, Marble,420-410 Figure 6 Gravestone from near the river Ilissos, Marble 340BC.