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Polygamy in the Liberal Societies. Diverse customs and traditions are travelling at the same speed as the information on the change in Wall Street’s stock market, postings on AOL, and junk email. Many developed nations are available for immigrants, whose prior traditions contradict the norms of the societies with liberal rights and freedoms. Immigrants, who along with their luggage and unique value systems, bring a couple of wives and a football team of kids …

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…to the large floppy disks that we used to use less than a decade ago, but which are not used in any modern computers. It is harder to keep all the people in a polygamous marriage happy and satisfied, because that is what “legal love agreement” should be all about. Bibliography Works Cited Chapman, Samuel. “Practical Aspects of Polygamy: Benefits polygamy has for women and the controls it places on men.” The Polygamy Page. 22 Nov. 98