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Christopher Loo 575-41-3092 Core Section Amy Weaver Iím Gonna Run for Office Iím gonna run for officeÖI swear. Next election quarter Iím gonna come out and run for President as an independent. How hard could it be? Isnít our Nation about the people? What better for our nation to be run, than by a youth? I mean, the youth are the future; they are the most up-to-date in technology, …

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…people like me to follow. Politics was created by our own ingenious cunning and forgive me for saying this, but I think that it is something that is un-necessary. So vote for me, the common moron that has no idea about what politics is. Vote for me, the youth who is up to date with the highest and most recent knowledge. Vote for me, the individual who has no knowledge of the world of Politics.