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As I quickly near the legal voting age, I find myself faced with a big decision ; should I register as a democrat, as my forefathers before me have or , check into some of these other political parties. -After much consideration, I decided to see what all the commotion was about. What a surprise it was to me to see that there were parties other that Democrats, Republicans and Liberals. Political parties server some useful purposes …

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…is a guaranteed right we inherited though The Constitution of The United States of America. It truly is great to be an American. Bibliography Works Cited (1)Anonymous. "The Volume Library", Copyright, The Southwestern Company 1992 (2)Anonymous. "http://www.dir.yahoo.com/Government/U_S_Government/Politics/Parties/" (3) The Lincoln Library of Essential Information, The Frontier Press Company , Buffalo New York, First Edition, 1924, Twentfifth Edition, 1961, Library of Congress Catalog Number 24-14708 (4)http://www.kydemocrat.com/faqs.htm