Political Game between Cuba and the USA

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1. INTRODUCTION Before I came to New Zealand I have spent six months in Miami, Florida in the United States of America. While I was there during “Thanksgiving” (24th of November 1999) Elian Gonzalez was found in the sea and picked up by a fish-boat of the United States (further abbreviated as U.S.). Elian was placed in his cousin’s family and the relatives started a lawsuit to get the custody over Elian. He has been …

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…Miami Herald [Online], p. 2 (13 paragraphs). Available: http://www.herald.com/content/archive/news/rafters99/docs2/066774.htm [2000, June 16] Ibargüen, A. (2000, April 30). The Elian negotiators: Ships passing in the night. Miami Herald [Online], p. 3 (23 paragraphs). Available: http://www.herald.com/content/archive/news/rafters99/docs2/023132.htm [2000, June 16] Writer Unknown (2000, May 1). Castro’s May Day speech centers on Elian case. Miami Herald [Online], p. 2 (21 paragraphs). Available: http://www.herald.com/content/today/digdocs/011984.htm [2000, May 2] Word Count: 2,897