Points out that the reason for the eventual downfall for the characters in the play "Hamlet" are caused by character flaws such as: obsession, cleverness, manipulation and bitterness.

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The plays of William Shakespeare show his characters being victimized by flaws. As in other plays such as Macbeth, and Macbeth's out of control ambition, the play of Hamlet shares much of the same light. Within the complex storyline of character relationships these flaws can be easily withdrawn from various if not all of the characters found in Hamlet. The flaws of characters such as Hamlet and Claudius, arguably, but ultimately lead to their eventual …

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…her to be put directly in the middle of all the animosity. Prince Hamlet becomes overwhelmingly obsessed with the task of avenging his father's death. Hamlet's mood and personality swings lead to a bitter and untimely death. Each character produced by Shakespeare, though have different flaws, the repercussions for such, all lead to on dramatic finish. The death of each individual, whether it is direct or indirect, may all be accounted for upon their flaws.