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What is “Jihad”? The term 'jihad' is derived from the root word 'jahad' which means to strive, to be diligent. From that comes another specific verb 'jaahad' which means specifically, to endeavour, to struggle, to strive, to contend with, to fight against. 'Jihaad' (or as it is more commonly transliterated as 'jihad') is from the latter verb. There are two kinds of jihad, the major jihad and the minor jihad. THE MAJOR JIHAD: This is …

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…the world and diminishing the salience of national borders, these imperatives have in combination achieved a considerable victory over factiousness and particularism, and not least of all over their most virulent traditional form nationalism. It is the realists who are now Europeans, the utopians who dream nostalgically of a resurgent England or Germany, perhaps even a resurgent Wales or Saxony. Yesterday's wishful cry for one world has yielded to the reality of McWorld. . ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**