Poe's Motifs

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Edgar Allan Poe was a great writer. He could write anything from poems to novels. In all of his works there are many motifs that will recur. Some of them are the eye, the heart, an un-named narrator, premature burial, suffocation, a vortex, and dreams. There are many more but I will not list them. In my essay, I am going to that about three of his motifs and give examples of how he used …

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…usually gets back at people by killing them. In Hopfrog, the midget is constantly abused along with the girl that he likes. When he can take enough he snaps and kills the people that hurt him. And in the story of The Cask of Amontillado, the man that is pained by the infliction that he carries gets back at the people that left him out by going to a party, infecting and killing several people.