Poe's Black Cat

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The Destructive Power of Guilt Guilt and remorse are emotions that are often experienced by humans in general, and the emotional and physical response to these emotions can be very powerful and misleading. In "the Black Cat", Edgar Allen Poe spins a wondrously horrific plot that consists of a quilt deranged man driven to persecute the object of his offense. The man's ruthless compulsion to ease his guilt through destructive means leads ultimately to his …

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…the guilt in his own conscious. Guilt is an overpowering emotion that can twist the souls of those who are afflicted by its presence. The ultimate demise of the narrator of the story is brought about by his initial attempt to conceal his feelings of guilt. In "The Black Cat", Poe's use of the powerful convictions of guilt and remorse weave an intricate and terrifying plot. Work Cited: "The Black Cat" by Edgar Allan Poe