Plato's The Republic Book 1-4

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Book One of "The Republic" opens up with a discussion between Socrates and Cephalus, Polemarchu's father, about old age and wealth. Cephalus conveys to Socrates that he believes being wealthy does not necessarily make you a happier person, but being wealthy makes it simpler to lead a good or moral life. Cephalus is quoted as follows,"It's in this connection that wealth is most valuable, I'd say, not for every man but for a decent …

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…in Book Four I want to touch on is the "Physical States of the Soul", Socrates discusses which are the Body and the Soul. The soul is composed of three parts, the Rational (Wisdom), the Spiritual (Courage), and the Appetitive (Biological Needs). Socrates says the Soul is the leader among the two, and a state of disease occurs when the soul is diseased, and a state of Justice is achieved when the soul is healthy.