Plath's The Bell Jar and Daddy in relation to her life

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Sylvia Plath¹s complex relationship with her father is revealed through imagery used in her writings including the poem and book "Daddy" and The Bell Jar. Plath developed as a writer with an individual style. She used diction, in her writings, which give the reader a very distinct understanding of what she is trying to imply. Plath, also, sets a tone in her writing that is very distinct amongst other writings. Her style, diction, and …

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…often she herself is the subject of her creations. Her pathetically early death seems to shadow her workŠ Although The Bell Jar is a beautifully written novel, it is also a badly flawed one Š Why if Miss Plath lived through the events described are they so unconvincing? Perhaps she herself could not explain her behaviorŠOr perhaps Miss Plath hadn¹t had enough experience with fiction to produce anything more than a thin journal-like record."