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The Plant Cell Cell Wall Size: Around 1µ Basic Function: * Hold the shape of the cell. * Strengthen the cell. Covering the cell membrane of the plant cell, there is the cell wall. The cell wall is composed of two layers of rigid, hard cellulose embedded in compounds like pectin and lignin. Pores in the cell wall allow molecules to pass through. The cell wall has two parts. The primary cell wall is formed during the growth …

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…in the cell. The vacuoles that perform the latter are called contracile vacuoles. They take on excess water and then squeeze it out of the cell to prevent cytolysis. The other task of the vacuole is also very important. It stores enzymes and toxic wastes that cannot be stored anywhere else in the cell. Usually, there is only one vacuole per plant cell, and it can take up to nearly 90% of the cell's total volume.