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Plagiarism Plagiarism refers to the presentation or submission of the work of anotherwithout citation or credits, as your own work. Whenever the thoughts, words,drawings, designs, are copied and displayed as your own work this is plagiarizing. Using others direct quotation or paraphrasing, the author and the source must be clearly identified through the use of proper referencing. (i.e..,footnotes, endnotes) (Meltzer 2) The Internet has provided new avenues to plagiarism: Cut-and-paste plagiarism. This is …

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…the worst mistakes anyone can make. You should not, however, become too irritable about plagiarism. Writers cannot hope to indicate or even be aware of all their borrowings, and there is a point where an idea borrowed from someone else becomes, after long reflection, your own. (Follette 310) So long as you are scrupulous about indicating material you have quoted and immediate borrowings you've made in paraphrases, you will not be suspected or guilty of plagiarism.