Pilot fatigue The Causes, Effects and Consequences

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Pilot Fatigue The Causes, Effects and Consequences By jeffstrio Introduction No one ever said air travel was easy. Major traffic delays getting into the airport, lack of parking spaces once you are in, long, seemingly endless ticket counter lines, security checkpoints and screenings, cancelled flights, and general airport congestion can make departure trips to any airport an adventure. Conversely, cramped seating arrangements, late arrivals, missed connections, and lost luggage contributes to arriving passenger fiascos and …

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…a level of sleep that has the most brain wave activity and is believed to be the deepest stage) include the "stimulation of brain growth....consolidation of memory, erasure of inappropriate memories, and the harmless discharge of strong emotions......which would otherwise intrude into waking behavior"(13). While many of these ideas and explanations are discovered, researched and expanded upon in the scientific community, it leaves the average person (and in this case, the reader), with