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The Pigman by Paul Zindel The Pigman is about two teenagers (John and Lorraine) who make friends with an elderly man (Mr. Pignati). They then abuse his trust in them and the elderly man dies. I found "The Pigman" to be a very interesting play. The start of it was a little bit confusing but the audience soon learns that they are watching the story of the Pigman as it is being written. "The Pigman" …

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…all the wrong things." John regretted not realizing this sooner, and the thought that Mr. Pignati died having only one real friend - a baboon at the zoo, made him sick to his stomach. Lorraine's last line summarizes the two teenagers' problem, "They build their own cages . . . ," what they were facing was their own doing and it was up to them to break free and move on, having learned something. An important lesson for everyone.