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Piero Della Francesca was an early Italian renaissance artist with an individual style and perspective that linked geometry and art together to create works of intense religious value. He believed that forms should have the purity of geometry, and was dubbed the "monarch of painting" by Luca Pacioli. His theories and perspectives have been studied by artists all over the world. Piero was born in Borgo San Sepolcra, Italy around 1415. His father worked as a …

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…Some of Piero's later works show an influence of Flemish art principals like intricate details and complex still life pieces. Piero spent his career working in numerous cities such as Rome, Ferrara, Arezzo, Urbino, and Rimini. His work was too individual to have a dramatic impact on Florentine art, but certain aspects of his work were significant to the later Bellini and Raphael. Piero Della Francesca died in Borgo San Sepelcron on July 5th in 1492.