Phillip Yancey's "The Jesus I Never Knew"

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The Jesus I Never Knew -by Philip Yancey Through a very modern perspective, Philip Yancey explores and exposes the "real" Jesus, as few know him to be. From the very beginning, Yancey states his purpose--to piece together Jesus' life, and to portray the fact that anyone who is to follow in the ways of Jesus will have to make very large changes. He uses three sections to organize The Jesus I Never Knew: "Who he …

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…The Jesus I Never Knew must have been just amazing. There are so many facts regarding Jesus and his life, and so many experiences told about him that make every chapter a new adventure. I would recommend this book to anyone. There is something that would appeal to everyone, and definitely parts that would introduce anyone to new facts about Jesus. Overall, Philip Yancey found a very successful way to reconnect Christ to his followers.