Philip of Macedon

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The internal reforms that took place under Philip, strengthened Macedonia and enabled him to conquer the Greek states. Philip used the League of Corinth to consolidate and maintain his power through terms of peace. To test the validity of this hypothesis we must look at three things: · The major reforms in Macedonia under Philip · How Philip went about conquering the Greek states · The policies and terms under which the League of Corinth operated Following the …

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…policies under which the League of Corinth operated, this hypothesis is undoubtedly a valid statement. Bibliography Tritle, L.A (1997). The Greek World in the Fourth Century. London : Routledge Roebuck, C (1966). The World of Ancient Times. New York : Charles Scribner's Sons Starr, C.G (1971). The Ancient Greeks. London : Oxford University Press Ellis, J.R (1976). Philip II and Macedonian Imperialism. London : Thames and Hudson Ltd Hammond, N.G.L (1994). Philip of Macedon. London : Gerald Duckworth & Co. Ltd